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If you are a member or represent any of the following groups, you can support CCG and CCG can support you!



  • You might need outlet for crafts, network.
  • CCG could use sculptures, art for gardens.



  • You might need teaching site, field trips.
  • CCG could use volunteers, space, resources.



  • You might like to provide Community Economic Development
  • CCG could use money, skills, scholarships.


Youth Center

  • You might need creative outlet, learning opportunities.
  • CCG could use volunteers.


Persons w/disabilities

  • You might be seeking community integration.
  • CCG could use skills, volunteers.


Affordable Housing

  • You might need good food, skills training.
  • CCG could use land, members, skills, leaders.


Local Retailers

  • You might need publicity, outreach.
  • CCG could use supplies, donations.



  • You might need members, service site.
  • CCG could use meeting space, donations.


Local Hospital

  • You might need therapy/rehab resource.
  • CCG could use first aid supplies.


Ladies Bridge Club

  • You might need location for meetings.
  • CCG could use watchful, family presence.


Retirement Center

  • You might need therapy activity.
  • CCG could use volunteers, wisdom.



  • You might need alternative activity to violence.
  • CCG could use donations, check on garden.


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