Gracious Supporters of the Celina Community Gardens

Celina Community Gardens is sending a Big "Thanks" to You!

"Many thanks to the Mercer County Fair Board for providing garden space at the east side of the Mercer County Fairgrounds.  This will enable CCG's first phase of raised bed gardening for the Celina community!  The Fair Board is also donating meeting space for the steering committee and dedicated a nice shed for our use!  And now, they even provided some building materials for the new beds and 'excellent composting material' deposited (well done, Nick Grier) right into the beds."


Thank you so much, the Celina Community Gardens

"Thank you John Dieringer of JD Construction for not only moving our 'new' garden shed, but also providing an awesome gravel base for it.  It will provide fine protection for our tools and supplies for many years!"


In gratitude, the Celina Community Gardens

"Thanks so much to the Steve Stewart's Student Team from Celina Senior High School that helped fill the first raised beds with donated shredded paper (a fantastic compost ingredient).  Steve Stewart's team also primered and base painted the garden shed.  Looking good!"


We welcome your help, the Celina Community Gardens

"Thank you Stacie Ford for the donation of seed pods.  We will have easy planting of cilantro and jalapeno peppers this spring!  And, thanks to Tim Clutter and the C.A.L.L. Food Pantry for providing storage space for these pods and keeping them safe until spring!"


Much appreciated, the Celina Community Gardens

"Big thanks to the bed-building team of Ron Kremer and David Sundersingh.  They gathered the materials, donated the tools, took progress pictures and Got 'Er Done!"


Way to go, the Celina Community Gardens

"Thank you to Suzanne Montgomery and the Celina Farmers' Market for 'cross promoting' with us.  Many of our goals can be accomplished when united with a group such as the CFM. Their Facebook page shows what the vendors/members of the Celina Farmers' Market are doing--they really love gardening and helping, too!"


So thankful to you, the Celina Community Gardens

"Thank you Jeff Halterman of Ace Hardware for our garden shed's base coat of paint and Andrew Shaner of Sherwin Williams for colored enamels that will complete Bhavya Girotra's vision of 'Celina Community Gardens; Seasons for All'.  And to Bhavya, the concept, the sketches, and the working in less than ideal weather conditions, you are the 'gardener' of the CCG shed!"


So thankful to you all, the Celina Community Gardens

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