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In summer of 2016, Celina Community Gardens, was started through a collaboration among the Mercer County Senior Fair Board, local civic leaders, and area residents who shared vision for….



GOALS of Celina Community Gardens


  • To steward a green space that is ecologically-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing

  • To invite contact with plants, birds, butterflies, and nature

  • To grow a diverse group of healthy plants: fruit, vegetable, herb, flower and ornamental

  • To provide a means for individuals or groups to grow the foods they eat

  • To enable people to harvest high-quality produce to share with others in the community

  • To aid others in reaping the many benefits of community gardening (health, connection with nature, life skills, and financial security)

  • To encourage relationship building and strengthening a sense of community

  • To be an education resource for best practices in our locale: environmental stewardship, conservation, preservation, stewardship, sustainability, permaculture, food preparation and preservation, and more.

  • To host educational and celebratory events for members and the community

Yes, you can help.  To find out more, click here to see some suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Meet CCG Involved Leaders:


Debbie Philpott



Organizer/Founder of Celina Community Gardens




Initiated Planning Committee to form CCG

Enrolled in Master Gardener program



Moved to Celina getting involved in community

Suzanne Montgomery



Community Projects


Professional development

Steering Committee for Celina Community Gardens, 2016


Steering Committee for Women in Leadership of West Central Ohio, 2015-2016


Committee member of Celina's Park Advisory Group to develop Bryson Park District, 2015-2016


Steering Committee for Celina Farmers' Market, 2013-2016


Initiated Project Food Share, 2016


Initiated & managed Celina Insurance Group Community Garden, 2013-2016


Initiated Go Green for Celina, a tree planting campaign at Montgomery Field, Eastview Park, 2008 - 2016

David Sundersingh



Sustainability Coach

Organic and Sustainable Gardening


Professional development


Advisor to Celina Community Gardens



Steering Committee for Celina Group Community Garden

Steering Committee for Celina Farmers' Market

Ronald A. Kremer



Maintains three separate gardens

Experienced builder of many raised garden beds


Professional development


Advisor to Celina Community Gardens



Steering Committee for WSU-LC gardens

Active member of St. Marys Farmers' Market

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